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AK Tech NetApp programming Course Contents
Introduction to IT
  • Basics of IT terminology

  • Datacenter and it’s architecture

  • Racks and internal hardware

  • Servers and it’s architecture

  • Basics of Network components

Disk & RAID Technology
  • Types of disks and differences b/w disk models

  • Scenarios for choosing hard disks based on their capacity and performance

  • What is a RAID

  • RAID Levels and its operations

Data Types
  • Primary Datatypes: integers, characters, floating point, double

  • Derived Datatypes: Arrays, Functions, Structures, Pointers, Unions

  • User-Defined Datatypes: enum, typedef

Storage Technologies
  • Basics of Storage Technologies

  • Deep dive intDAS, NAS, SAN, ISCSI and FCOE Technologies

  • SAN Switch models and It’s Hardware components

  • SAN switch logical operations (Zoning, config, fabric…)

NetApp Storage Operating Systems and Hardware Platforms
  • NetApp Storage Operating Systems

  • 7-Mode Hardware Architecture

  • Cluster Mode Hardware Architecture

  • Disk Shelf Hardware

  • The FAS Hardware Platform

  • Disk Shelf Tour and Cabling

  • Cluster, Management and Data Networks

  • NetApp Storage Architecture Overview

NetApp Storage System Setup
  • Installation & Configuration of NetApp 7-mode & C-mod Operating Systems

  • Installation and configuration of NetApp management Tools

  • Managing Cluster using On-command System Manager

  • Cluster Setup for 2 controllers

  • Disk management and assigning ownership

  • OnCommand Unified Manager & OnCommand Insight

NetApp Storage Configuration
  • License activation

  • Tour NetApp storage system on system manager interface

  • AutoSupport configuration

  • Events and logs system management

NetApp Storage Physical hardware & connections
  • NetApp Storage system Hardware Models

  • Types and classification

  • Frontend and Backend connectivity architecture

  • Disk Shelfs and its connectivity

  • Physical Hardware connectivity with controller and Disk shelf’s (FAS models)

NetApp Storage Logical Architecture
  • Disks, Aggregates, Volumes, Luns, Qtree, Shares creation and modification

  • SVM creation and management

  • LIF creation and management of network layer

  • Space allocation using ISCSI protocol

  • ISCSI implementation

  • Storage Pools

  • Advanced Disk Partitioning

  • WAFL and the System Memory Cache

  • NVRAM concept

  • Role Based Access Control and Active Directory Integration

  • Flexible Volumes & Infinite Volumes

NetApp Networking
  • Interface Groups, VLANs, Logical Interfaces, IP spaces, Broadcast Domains

  • Broadcast Domain Configuration, Interface Group Configuration

NetApp Storage NAS Protocols
  • Implementation and Configuration of CIFS with AD integrity

  • Shares, Qtrees, Quotas creation and management

  • Implementation and Configuration of NFS

  • Export policies

  • Windows and Unix multiprotocol configuration

  • Schedule Configuration, Snapshot Configuration

  • SnapRestore on Windows Clients

  • FlexClone

Storage Efficiency
  • Thin Provisioning

  • Deduplication

  • Compression

NetApp Storage Data Protection
  • Snapmirror & SnapVault

DC tDR data copy, Restoration, and BCP DR drills
NetApp Storage Advanced Tools
  • OnCommand Unified manager

  • OnCommand Insights